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Kamaru Usman says ‘it’s hard being Conor McGregor’, thinks UFC star has a ‘tough life’

Conor McGregor isn’t just an MMA star, he’s a name known the world over.

His box office fame is unprecedented in the UFC and no one is even close.

McGregor is set to face Dustin Poirier again on July 10, but hasn’t ruled out a return to boxing in the future
Esther Lin / Showtime

He’s also achieved a lot inside the Octagon, becoming the first-ever two-time champion in UFC history and holding the record for the fastest knockout in a title fight.

But life is not easy when you are at the top. Everything the Irishman does is scrutinized to the highest degree and whenever he falters many revel in his misfortune.

He suffered the first knockout loss of his MMA career to Dustin Poirier in January at UFC 257 and although he lost that battle he is looking to win the war with their third meeting at UFC 264 on July 10.

Going forward, McGregor has suggested that he would also like to fight for the welterweight title and the current holder of that belt is one of today’s pound-for-pound big boys, Kamaru Usman.

Kamaru Usman says ‘it’s hard being Conor McGregor’, thinks UFC star has a ‘tough life’
Usman is one of the most dominant champions in UFC welterweight history
Zuffa SARL

Although Usman has been involved in a war of words with McGregor before, speaking on the True Geordie podcast, he explained that he understands how difficult things are for The Notorious.

“My dad would always say, ‘Everyone loves the chair, but while they’re chairing it, they can’t move,’” Usman said.

“That’s exactly how Conor feels and I know it – it’s tough. I know it’s hard being Conor, I know it’s hard. I am a champion and I know how difficult it is to be the champion now.

“I can’t imagine what Conor is going through, it must be hard because there is nothing you can do – people can’t wait to move because now people are just waiting to rub him in the face.”

McGregor has faced allegations that he is past his prime. He has also been accused of “losing the edge” that made him an electric star on his rise to the UFC.

Some fans believe the money made McGregor complacent, but Usman says it will only give McGregor some comfort.

Kamaru Usman says ‘it’s hard being Conor McGregor’, thinks UFC star has a ‘tough life’
Mcgregor [right] teased Usman’s pursuit [left]

“Sure you got the money, you got it all, you got it all, but brother, you got knocked out in your last fight,” Usman continued.

“And then you have [won] one in your last four or five fights, something like that – people can’t wait to throw that in your face.
“So yeah, it’s a tough life to lead,” Usman concluded.

McGregor has a chance to get back on track next month and who knows, if he does take the win, he may set his sights on Usman in a bid to make history again as the first ever champion of the three. weight in UFC history.


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