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Kamala Harris to chair the National Space Council
Harris confirmed his new role on Saturday writing a tweet, “As I said before: In America, when we aim for the moon, we plant our flag on it. I am honored to lead our National Space Council.”

Harris “intends to make his own mark on the Council,” a senior administration official said. The manager listed her personal priorities such as STEM education, cybersecurity, supporting the sustainable development of commercial space activity, a diverse workforce, and promoting peaceful norms and responsible behavior in the world. space, among others.

The National Space Council was headed by Harris’ predecessor vice president Mike Pence under the Trump administration. President Donald Trump revived the council in 2017 by executive order and later called for the creation of a “Space Force” that would create a sixth branch of the armed services.

Officials say that for now, the National Space Council will operate under the same executive decree from 2017 and has not made a decision on the need for changes, but intends to revise it.

As was the case with previous space councils, the latest iteration will help the president develop national space policies and strategies and synchronize U.S. civil and national commercial space security activities, officials said.

“In other words, the basic objectives of the Council: national security, basic science, technological development, contributions to American economic growth and the commercial sector will all be maintained,” an official said.

When asked to identify the difference between Harris’ next term and Pence’s, one official said: “I’ll just say without making too much of a contrast, I think his approach on this will be just to do the work and using it. to drive our space policy. And not really focusing, perhaps, so much on the big screens, but on getting the job done. “

Senior officials would not indicate where the presidency of the National Space Council falls among other priorities in Harris’ portfolio, which now include leading diplomatic efforts to stem the flow of migrants into the Northern Triangle and efforts administration to develop broadband broadband Internet.

“She has a lot to do, as it was originally said, and it’s just another big task that she takes on because it’s important. It’s important for the president and the country,” he said. declared the responsible.

The vice president will swear in front of newly confirmed NASA administrator Bill Nelson on Monday.

Harris, as vice president, has repeatedly engaged with members of NASA – speaking with astronauts Shannon Walker and Kate Rubins practically to mark Women’s History Month in March, as well as with astronaut Victor Glover in February.

The process of finding a civilian executive secretary, who would be appointed by the president, is still ongoing, an official said.

There is no official date for the first official meeting of the National Space Council, but senior administration officials have said Harris will start soon.


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