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Kaitlyn Bristowe reacts by claiming she doesn’t wear an engagement ring

Kaitlyn bristowe and Jason tartick are doing very well, thank you very much.

After reading a few worried comments on Instagram, the former Bachelorette reassured fans that their romance is still rosy.

It all started on June 23 when Bristowe went to the airport and asked her followers to guess where she was going (spoiler alert: it was Hawaii). But some social media users seemed more interested in his relationship status than the destination.

“I hope somewhere with your fiancé?” a commentator wrote. “I don’t miss seeing you together.

Posting a video of the couple dancing cheek to cheek in Windy City, Bristowe then replied, “We were literally in Chicago this weekend, so where were you sista?”

But the investigations did not stop there. When a follower asked her why she wasn’t wearing her five-karat oval-shaped diamond engagement ring, the reality TV star raised her finger with the bling and wrote, “I’m your Turkey.” Another then asked how she handled all the “boring” comments.

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