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Justice, immigration, threat of “civil war” … Retired police officers sign a forum – RT in French

It is the turn of retired police officers to address a platform to the executive in order to alarm it on the security state of France. The director general of the national police denounced this initiative, judging that it weakened the institution.

In an open letter addressed to the President of the Republic, to the government and to parliamentarians – which is reminiscent of the two recent military forums denouncing the “disintegration” of France – 93 retired police officers ask the leaders to “put everything in place. implemented to put an end to the extremely serious situation that France is going through in terms of security and public tranquility ”.

Believing that “fear must change sides”, the former police officers – who sign the text of their name – in particular demand a “suitable criminal response” so that the sentences are “really executed and up to the crimes committed”.

Another subject of concern pointed out by retired police officers: illegal immigration which according to them “plagues many neighborhoods and contributes to fuel disorder and delinquency”

Overall, the signatories are worried that the authorities will come to “replace” them by the armed forces in order to abort a potential “civil war”. “We hope that our call for a national leap will be heard by the public authorities and we join our voices to those of our military comrades who spoke first,” they conclude.

The forum, which was published on several online petitions sites, collected more than 26,000 signatures on May 14.

A forum which “weakens the institution”, according to the director general of the national police

This initiative was little appreciated by the Director General of the National Police Frédéric Veaux who judged that it “fragilis[ait] the institution “more than it strengthened it.

In a letter dated May 12, unveiled by Europe 1 and consulted on May 14 by AFP, the head of the national police invites the signatories to “take note” of the measures taken by the Minister of the Interior that he describes “Significant progress” and according to him give the police “the means of their authority”. Frédéric Veaux also refers the retired police officers in anger to the “recent announcements” of the government in criminal matters which would be “likely to make a positive difference” and to meet the expectations of the police and citizens. In addition, he reminds the authors of the forum that their retirement status does not “exempt them from the obligation of reserve”.

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