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Justice Department prepares plea deals for rioters based on viral video of cops trapped in Capitol tunnel

Federal prosecutors said in a hearing Tuesday that their supervisors recently approved plea offers in the case, which revolves around one of the most violent clashes on January 6. Viral video of the incident shows a police officer screaming in pain while being crushed in a doorway.

The plea deals will be offered “in the very near future,” said prosecutor Jocelyn Bond.

Four men have been charged in this case: Patrick McCaughey of Connecticut, David Judd of Texas, Christopher Quaglin of New Jersey and Tristan Stevens of Florida. They pleaded not guilty.
Federal Judge Trevor McFadden ordered McCaughey’s release from prison during Tuesday’s hearing, saying there was not enough evidence he attacked police, even though he had clearly “committed miscellaneous crimes “on Capitol Hill that day. Prosecutors have specifically charged the other defendants with using chemical sprays, firecrackers and riot shields to attack officers, and two of them remain in jail.
This is one of many cases of the Capitol uprising heading into plea negotiations. So far, more than 400 people have been charged and one defendant has already pleaded guilty.


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