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Justice blocks several bouquets of pirated TV channels

“IP TV” channel packages had thrived in relative impunity for years, illegally broadcasting thousands of channels, including expensive sports channels, for a subscription of around ten euros a month. On January 25, the Association for the Fight against Audiovisual Piracy (ALPA), which defends the interests of film studios and television channels, noted the blocking of eight of them on French territory.

These services are among the most popular: Teli, DDNC, PlatineIPtv, Primeplus, Xtream, King 365, TV service and Premium-ITV. ” ISPs had a few weeks to execute the court decision we won on December 17th, explains to World an ALPA spokesperson. This is the first time, to our knowledge, that a country has blocked several services in this way.

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Paid IP TV packages are accessible through applications for smartphones or televisions, similar to those for television networks. They are watched by 5% of French people, according to a study by the IFOP institute commissioned by Hadopi (High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet).

According to the same study, streaming sites, which also pirate pay TV channels, but broadcast them for free, are frequented by 17% of French people. These sites often broadcast jerky pictures in very low definition, while the best paid IP TV packages offer better picture quality and experience fewer disconnections.

Circumvention means

This blocking does not signify the death sentence of IP TV in France. Cunning Internet users have workarounds, such as VPN, a kind of private software tunnel that carries communications from abroad, where these services still operate. But according to ALPA, “ the VPN capable of passing a lot of videos are chargeable “.

It is likely that some IP TV services will reinvent themselves under other names from their headquarters abroad. ALPA is already planning other legal actions. However, she hopes that the blocking “Will disrupt IP TV providers and cause them to suffer losses” and find that “Since subscribers have often subscribed for the year, they could lose access to the service prematurely, and this could dissuade them from resubscribing “.

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