Junior couldn’t at home against At. National and they tied 1-1

El Tiburón and El Verde tied 1-1 in their duel corresponding to date 12 of the Colombia – Liga BetPlay II 2023 tournament.

The local team began winning with a goal from Carlos Bacca, from a penalty, in the 13th minute of the first half, while through Álvaro Angulo the visitor equalized the match a few minutes later.

One of At’s plays. Nacional could have changed the score when Dorlan Pabón shot at the goal in the 19th minute of the first half, but the ball hit one of the posts.

According to statistics, Junior has had the ball (64%) in the game but it was not enough to beat At. National.

The figure of the game was Homer Martínez. The Junior midfielder made 99 correct passes, recovered 3 balls and looked for the opposite goal with 2 shots.

Kevin Mier was another of the outstanding players. The goalkeeper of At. Nacional showed his quality by containing 4 shots and making 13 correct passes.

Several infractions in the middle of the field forced the pace of the game to be cut. There were a large number of reprimands: Álvaro Angulo, Carlos Bacca, Nelson Deossa, Robert Mejía, Dorlan Pabón, Andrey Estupiñán, Jader. Andrey Estupiñán was sent off for a double yellow (47′, 2T) and Álvaro Angulo for a double yellow (49′, 2T).

Junior strategist Arturo Reyes stopped the starting eleven with a 4-5-1 formation with Jefersson Martínez in goal; Walmer Pacheco, Brayan Ceballos, Emanuel Olivera and Gabriel Fuentes on the defensive line; Homer Martínez, Jhon Vélez, José Enamorado, Luis González and Déiber Caicedo in the middle; and Carlos Bacca in the attack.

For their part, those chosen by William Amaral took the field with a 4-5-1 formation with Kevin Mier between the three sticks; Andrés Román, Felipe Aguirre, Cristián Zapata and Álvaro Angulo in defense; Robert Mejía, Nelson Deossa, Brahian Palacios, Dorlan Pabón and Óscar Perea in the midfield; and Jéfferson Duque up front.

Carlos Ortega Jaimes was designated as the main referee of the match at the Metropolitano.

On the next day, Tiburón will face Boyacá Chicó as a visitor and Verde will play the home game against Santa Fe.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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