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Judge sets bail at $50,000 for Sam Mensah, stroller-pushing guy, arrested for terrorizing at least five women in New York

A stroller pushing creep arrested for assault after allegedly terrorizing at least five women on the Upper East Side was held on $50,000 bail Saturday.

Sam Mensah, 32, who has already been arrested a dozen times, was accused in separate incidents of assaulting a 64-year-old grandmother; spitting in the eyes of a journalist; and knocking out a passerby.

Judge Judy Kim issued several orders of protection for the alleged victims during Mensah’s arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Prosecutors had requested $150,000 cash bail for Mensah. Mensah had not posted bail as of late Saturday afternoon, public records show.

Mensah was arrested Thursday evening and charged with assault for allegedly shoving the older woman Sept. 9 on East 77th Street near Third Avenue, police and sources said.

The victim was pushed with such force that he scraped his knees and tore his clothes, according to police and his family.

In December, the 5-foot-1, 150-pound Mensah allegedly knocked out a 68-year-old lawyer on the street in another seemingly random attack.

Sam Mensah, 32, allegedly shoved a woman on the Upper East Side on September 9.

The man said he did not remember losing consciousness and only learned he had been attacked when a police officer told him.

Mensah told police the victim was leaning against her child’s stroller, prompting him to lash out, according to court filings.

He is also accused of hitting someone in the face with a hand basket at a grocery store Thursday and slapping a 16-year-old girl, according to prosecutors.

Sam Mensah
Mensah remained calm during his appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court on Saturday.
William Farrington

Sam Mensah
Mensah’s lawyer said his client did nothing wrong and that the case against him was fueled by media attention.
William Farrington

Mensah’s lawyer, April Small-White, called the charges against him “weak” and said they were fueled by media attention.

“They painted this guy as a bad guy because he was bothering people on the Upper East Side. Is this a crime? No,” she said.

Mensah lives with her 2-year-old child in a family shelter. The boy was in the stroller during one of the alleged attacks.

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