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Joy Reid takes Tucker Carlson’s ‘Race Lady’ dog whistle and throws it at ‘Tuckums’

MSNBC presenter Joy Reid did not say a word on Tuesday when she responded to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson’s repeated derogatory description that she was “the lady of the race.”

The host of “The ReidOut” began by noting that she didn’t often spend time watching the Conservative Network. “Personally, I prefer my news and information to be grounded in reality, rather than monetizing my tonsil to keep myself comfortable and buy MyPillows and gold,” she explained.

Reid then dismantled Carlson’s attacks on her, releasing a montage of him accusing her of being obsessed with race. She also suggested that her insistence that she was attending Harvard alongside the term “racing lady” was a dog whistle meant to anger her audience.

“Oh, honey, honey. Tuckums. Is it really the fact that I’m fixated on the run, or are you fixated on the run? ” she asked.

Reid later listed some of Carlson’s failures – from the cancellation of his poorly rated show on MSNBC to his humiliation at the hands of comedian Jon Stewart when he was on CNN – and called him “Lil ‘Tucker.”

Carlson was like “a segregationist housewife of the 1950s,” said Reid, criticizing him for “throwing out a conspiracy theory that whites are going to be replaced via a Democratic Party plot to import non-whites to outdo them. in numbers ”and sow doubt on Vaccines against covid19.

“People like you and your friends at the BS Factory keep us steeped in the disease, rabies and paranoia of COVID,” Reid added.


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