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Josep Borrell hails “big step” towards stronger European defense


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The European Union and the United States must work to “strengthen confidence” in their partnership, said Wednesday the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell. On the antenna of France 24, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy returned to the Franco-American crisis.

The European Union and the United States must work to “strengthen confidence” in their partnership after the Franco-American crisis, said Wednesday the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell. The latter was, Thursday, September 23, on the antenna of France 24 from the United Nations headquarters in New York to return to the submarine crisis.

Josep Borrell met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday. His American counterpart assured him that it was necessary “to overcome this crisis by increasing communication between the allies”, that “Europe and France have a role to play in the Indo-Pacific” and that “Europe must have their own military capabilities to strengthen the alliance “said the head of European diplomacy on France 24.

The way out of the crisis “will take time”

Josep Borrell also deplored a lack of communication between France and the United States. For him, France was right to say that the resolution of the crisis will take time. “As Emmanuel Macron himself said, we have to move from words to deeds. And that will take time,” said Josep Borrell.

“I myself will be going to Washington in October to start permanent strategic communication on security matters between Europe and the United States in order to prevent events like the ones we have just experienced. reproduce “, added the High Representative on the antenna of France 24, reiterating the importance of the Indo-Pacific zone for the European Union.

France is the country with the largest military presence in the area, but it is also a European problem. “Europe has its own strategy for the Indo-Pacific. We want to be present because it is a vital area through which 40% of our foreign trade passes. The Indo-Pacific will be where the story goes. to write, “he said.

“A big step” towards a stronger European defense

Josep Borrell said he was satisfied that Joe Biden deemed it necessary on Wednesday “for the European defense to be stronger and more efficient”. “We see the European force as an autonomous force complementary to NATO”, he declared. The fact that the United States accepts that the Europeans have a defense capacity specific to but complementary to NATO is “a big step”.

The High Representative of the European Union also addressed the file of Afghanistan, as well as that of Turkey, which is due to ratify the Paris Agreement to fight against climate change next month.

On the Iranian nuclear issue, Josep Borrell said that the Iranian minister was certainly ready to relaunch the Vienna process “within an unspecified deadline” but at a close date. “We must push the two parties to finally reach an agreement which is part, for us Europeans, of our security,” he added.