Jorge Lanata returned to the radio after being discharged: “It was complicated”

Jorge Lanata returned to the radio after his hospitalization (Radio Miter)

After receiving the medical discharge last Saturday, Jorge Lanata returned to the presentation of his program Wool Without Filter by Radio Miter. “Gentlemen, let’s go to the show and I have a surprise,” said Eduardo Feinmann and then meet the journalist again on air in the classic show. “You have no idea how much I missed you,” said the driver. Someone has to say it when welcoming the journalist.

“Me too… I’m fine, I’m tired with the doubt of whether I started today or Wednesday to see how the story would continue, but here I am,” Lanata said in his first minutes on air. His colleagues complained to him in a funny way: “What are you doing to not be there on your birthday!”, Taking into account that the driver of PPT He spent that day – September 12 – admitted to the Favaloro Foundation.

“I was complicated, but everything is so contingent that suddenly nothing happens to you and suddenly it happens to you, it is totally contingent. There were three stages that I had and the last one was more complicated which is called septic shock (a generalized infection). The feeling I have now is that I was like four or five months away and not because I was actually there for a month, but when you look at it it seems like more.”

"I was complicated"said Jorge Lanata (Photo: Credit Fraco Fafasuli)
“It was complicated,” said Jorge Lanata (Photo: Credit Fraco Fafasuli)

“I have the feeling that if you don’t take it into account too much, these are things that may or may not happen. You do not know. That is what makes it wonderful and strange,” said the journalist. Furthermore, it was asked on the air of Radio Miter: “Why am I here and I didn’t stay? Is rare. What is the force that made you react?”

On the other hand, Lanata admitted that of all the hospitalizations she had in recent years “this was the worst.” “It was worse than the transplant, which is another type of quilombo. What is going to happen is what has to happen. You are prepared. There is no plan here. At one point I was scared. I went to and from therapy several times. I was scared when I thought ‘how is this going on?’” said the journalist, who also appealed to his classic humor.

“My universal message after all this is to do everything you can, love each other, don’t waste your time. I know it sounds like a hippie speech but it’s not. It’s like that, there is no time. “It’s life and death.” complete.

Let us remember that Jorge Lanata He was discharged last Saturday and was able to leave the Favaloro Foundation to continue his recovery at home. Last Monday, at night, the driver returned home after 19 days of hospitalization. The 63-year-old journalist had entered the clinic on August 23 to treat a bacteremic urinary infection. And, as he could tell Teleshow, The idea was that he continue his recovery at home and, for the moment, not resume his duties at the head of PPT (ElTrece) and Wool without filter (Radio Miter).

However, on Tuesday morning it was learned that the journalist had been admitted again to the intensive care unit of the hospital. Shortly after 1 p.m., an official statement was issued regarding his health condition. “The Favaloro Foundation University Hospital reports that Mr. Jorge Ernesto Lanata re-entered the institution with a fever. The corresponding studies are being carried out, and it is necessary for him to remain in the Hospital for adequate clinical control and compliance with the therapeutic scheme that is determined,” read the letter, signed by the doctors. Pablo RaffaeleHead of the Renal Unit, and Matias FoscoMedical director.

It should be noted that in the first medical report of his hospitalization, the Foundation highlighted the health problem for which the journalist was hospitalized. “Mr. Jorge Ernesto Lanata entered our institution on Wednesday the 23rd for the treatment of a bacteremic urinary infection, and his stay in the hospital was necessary for adequate clinical control and compliance with the therapeutic regimen,” the statement issued read. on August 25.

On Monday, September 4, Lanata’s wife, Elba Marcovecchio, returned to the program DDM (America) after having been absent from the panel for more than a week. There, the driver Mariana Fabbiani she had asked the panelist about her husband’s health. “She will be home soon, she wants to smoke. It was a urinary infection, but since he is transplanted, it causes complications. “He made me spend a few days…” she noted.

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