Jorge Fossati and Tiago Nunes fought in Universitario vs Sporting Cristal: the Uruguayan headed him and both were sent off

Sporting Cristal faced Universitario on date 13 of the Clausura Tournament of League 1 2023

academic and Sporting Cristal They tied 0-0 at the National Stadium on matchday 13 of the Clausura Tournament. The end of the match was marked by controversy over a fight between the two teams. The most unusual thing was that the fight was started by the two coaches Tiago Nunes and Jorge Fossati, who were sent off by the referee. The coaches of both teams argued over a play and tempers became heated to the point of bordering on physical aggression.

It all started when the Uruguayan strategist went to complain to the fourth referee for an alleged lack of Yoshimar Yotún about Andy Polo. At that moment, his colleague also approached to speak to the judge, which unleashed the technician’s fury.cream‘, who shouted to him: “Hey, you stay out of it!” At these words the Brazilian pointed his finger at him angrily and went to beat him up. When they were face to face, ‘Flaco’ lowered his head making a headbutt gesture.

Things did not go any further, as the judge appeared, Kevin Ortega and two members of the squad’s technical commandbrewery‘, to separate them. Soccer players from both teams immediately arrived, breaking out into a general discussion. Even though they were already separated, the two technical directors continued to confront each other and say things to each other from afar.

However, the conflict did not end with the separation of Fossati and Nunes, but rather transferred to the players. Ignacio Da Silva was close to coming to blows with Jorge Murrugarra, if not for the quick intervention of his companions. . Meanwhile, Martin Perez Guedes He shouted ‘sell smoke’ at the members of the Rimese technical command.

Fortunately, things did not escalate and finally Ortega made the decision to show the red card only to the two coaches. This was the first expulsion of Jorge Fossati since he took over as manager of University of Sportswhile Tiago Nunes He saw said card for the fourth time this season. It should be noted that the two DTs were unable to attend the press conference, so they could not give their testimony of what happened.

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