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Jordan for president would be ‘terrible’, our democracy is at stake

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was a “terrible” choice for House speaker.

Pelosi said, “These House Republicans just weren’t interested in a peaceful transfer of power. They denied the election. And despite all the horror of that day, the violence, the desecration of the Capitol, this temple of democracy in the world, the violation of our Constitution, that day for the acceptance of the Electoral College vote. All of this, the assault on our democracy, after we returned to the Capitol, took the vote, overwhelmingly, Republicans voted against accepting the Electoral College results. This person they are proposing as Speaker of the House is just terrible.

She continued: “Mr. Jordan and his friends are doing a great disservice to their members on the Republican side by asking them once, maybe more, we’ll see tomorrow, to vote for such a person for speaker.” They are going to have to answer to their conscience, to their children, to their own legacy for doing something so unsavory. »

She added: “The person they are appointing, Jordan, has no legislation, has never passed any legislation. Her big bill is to criminalize women’s right to choose without exception, without exception – the harshest possible position. Again, do not accept the election results but vote. Again, you see these people voting for him when he voted against disaster aid when fires ravaged the area, storms and hurricanes. That’s why you see some people voting against him in New York, but there are many others voting against the interests of their constituents because you know why? The instigator of the insurrection, Donald Trump, asked them to do so.”

Pelosi concluded: “The public needs to understand what is at stake. Our democracy is at stake.”

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