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Jonny Clayton Says Fans Booing Gerwyn Price Are ‘Down’, Discusses His Grand Prix Triumph |  Darts News


Jonny Clayton and Gerwyn Price after the Grand Prix final

Jonny Clayton supported his compatriot and World Cup partner Gerwyn Price, in the aftermath of his final Grand Prix victory over the Iceman.

For long periods of time during the tournament, the world champion was subjected to boos from sectors of the crowd, but the ferret said such treatment was “out of order”.

“It’s not nice to anyone,” he said on The Darts Show Podcast.

“They seem to take it out on Gezzy more. I don’t understand why people want to pay a lot of money to watch a dart board and try to talk someone off. Personally I would like to pay a lot of money and I want to see the Booing someone, I don’t think that happens.

“I think the crowd is out of order. It is, and I don’t think we would be able to stop it.”

But he was quick to point out how the positive atmosphere of the final made for a high quality dart game.

“It was amazing. The crowd let us play, there was no bad feeling from the crowd,” said Clayton.

“We all know Gezzy gets booed a lot. It was a fantastic final. It was great to be a part of. And it was good to joke on that stage. With the crowd behind us both, it made it even better. more special. Beating my fellow Welshman and the world number one was the icing on the cake. “

Lloyd: He crossed a line

Former world number one Colin Lloyd agreed, saying Price’s boos must stop.

“He has [crossed a line]. It has to stop, “he said.

“Gezzy Price goes up there, he does his job. He’s the world champion and the world number one. Show him some respect. I had the privilege and the pleasure of chatting with Gezzy. And j saw people coming up to him in the hotel lobby. They wait patiently, “Can I have a picture?” “Yes, of course you can.” He has a big smile on his face, hugs you. hand, has a photo, he has all the time in the world for everyone.

“But some of these fans have to realize that it’s your job. He’s going to work. He has to do what’s good for himself when he’s up there. It’s a very selfish and lonely sport as a as an individual.

Jonny Clayton Says Fans Booing Gerwyn Price Are ‘Down’, Discusses His Grand Prix Triumph |  Darts News

Price remains at the top of the world ranking

“There’s no need to abuse him. He’s actually a really nice guy. He just happens to be a good darts player. He’s one of the greatest.

“Look what he’s been up to over the past two or three years. The transition he’s made after running on a rugby pitch with a team, where he has the support of his teammates. He’s doing something now. where he’s an individual and he’s doing the right things. He has a very selfish attitude. That doesn’t make him a bad person. He’s not a bad person. He’s just a lovely guy. But he’s okay. work.

“Not everyone goes to work with a smile on their face. It’s called life.

“But for me, I personally think the PDC should sort this out. That’s why we have an umpire. An umpire should [step in] a little bit more. Sometimes this can make the situation worse, so the referee should read the situation as well. Get the crowd in order.

“I, as a former top darts player, would say to the crowd,” give a little respect, even if you don’t like a guy. Have you really met him? Did you have a conversation with him? really changes his mind.

“Show the guy a little respect. He’s been a great champion, he’s been a great ambassador of the darts game.”

Clayton now the form player in darts

After adding the Grand Prix title to the Masters and Premier League crowns already won this year, it has been an 11-month whirlwind for the ferret since his World Cup victory in 2020.

“Collecting all of these trophies has been fantastic, especially the Premier League,” he said.

“The Grand Prix, my first [televised] ranking tournament is what we all dream of. We go out to try to win everything. But the truth is, there are 120 smarter players in the darts world. Overcoming that last line is absolutely fantastic.

“This is probably the best so far [victory] of my career. It was a good weekend. “

Jonny Clayton Says Fans Booing Gerwyn Price Are ‘Down’, Discusses His Grand Prix Triumph |  Darts News

It is probably the best victory of my career to date.

Clayton hopes to build on a memorable week

So what changes has he made?

“Belief, obviously [is a factor]. But above all, I really appreciate it. I trust. I know what I can do. And it’s just trying to show it a little more often, ”he explained.

“The consistency is starting to show a bit. I just like it. I really like being on this stage.”

Jonny Clayton Says Fans Booing Gerwyn Price Are ‘Down’, Discusses His Grand Prix Triumph |  Darts News

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Wayne Mardle praised Jonny Clayton after winning World Grand Prix

Wayne Mardle praised Jonny Clayton after winning World Grand Prix

Unlike its previous televised titles in the World Cup, Masters and Premier League, the Grand Prix is ​​a ranking event and strengthens its position in the Order of Merit.

He is now ranked seventh in the world.

“I usually say it’s just a number. But now I’m number seven in the world, that means a lot,” he smiled.

“It’s fantastic. What a feeling. And I hope I can climb a few more spaces. If I can keep playing the way I am, maybe it will. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

“It’s a great feeling to be world number seven. I never dreamed of that. When I started playing in the PDC, I didn’t think I could get my tour card. But to get to where I am now, it’s fantastic. I have always been a fan of darts, I have always loved the game of darts. To get to where I am now, it’s absolutely fantastic. I hope I can go higher and maybe one day be world number one. “

And the big question is whether he can now continue his momentum in a busy time of the year, with the Grand Slam and the World Championship on hold?

“Anything can happen. I’m a big believer in“ if it’s your day, it’s your day. ”If it doesn’t, you just go back to the drawing board and try again. now this year I have had a few of my days, ”he noted.

“That’s how I take life. I don’t plan ahead.

“It’s just day to day, tournament by tournament. And that’s Jonny Clayton. That’s how I see life. It’s one step at a time.”



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