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Jon Gruden explains why the Raiders took a late-game penalty as they lined up for the winning placement

Lamar Jackson’s Carl Nassib handbag in overtime allowed the Raiders to score their first game with the fans at Allegiant Stadium.

Las Vegas got the ball on the 27-yard line, well within reach of kicker Daniel Carlson, who had hit a 55-yard basket to send the game into overtime. They ran the ball once on the first try and picked up an extra yard. That was all Jon Gruden needed to see before calling the placement unit to attempt the winning kick.

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There was only one problem, as Gruden explained to reporters after the game.

“Our kicker was warming up in the net,” Gruden said, according to Yahoo Sports. “No one could find him.”

Indeed, Carlson was behind the field, perhaps not expecting to be called in to kick in second and 9th. The Raiders had already used their two time outs in overtime, so they were. forced to take a late match penalty.

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As a result, Las Vegas chose to return their offense to the field to gain more yards rather than let Carlson attempt a 48-yard field goal. It was an eventful operation, as Derek Carr described it after the contest.

“I didn’t know what had happened,” Carr said. “I turned my back and was just praying that we were successful. I turned around and it was a game delay. I was like, ‘OK, he can still do it. “Then it’s ‘Get back there!’ I hear in my headset a coach calling the staff, so I start running back.”

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The Raiders executed despite the lack of communication. Zay Jones went wild in the Ravens’ high school in the second and 14th, as Baltimore firmly expected the Raiders to throw the ball. Jones managed a wide pass from Carr and scored to win the game.

This score rendered the minor blip on the Raiders radar irrelevant. Now Carlson will be hailed by the Las Vegas loyalists as the man who sent the game into overtime instead of the man who wasn’t ready to do his only overtime job.

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