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Joint supply chain in vaccines for Indo-Pacific security, here are the main highlights


Leaders of the four Quad nations – India, Australia, Japan and the United States – held the first in-person summit in Washington DC on Friday to discuss peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region and in the whole world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga attended the summit.

US President Joe Biden opened the summit by saying Quad leaders have met to discuss common COVID climate challenges. He added that the four democratic partners share worldviews and have a common vision for the future.

Here are the highlights:

* The Quad meeting – which lasted over an hour – discussed a new space working group, a vaccine supply chain initiative, 5G deployment and diversification efforts, as well as climate change and challenges in the Indo-Pacific.
* President Biden announced a Quad scholarship for students from each of our Quad countries to pursue graduate studies in major research programs in the United States.
* Prime Minister Modi, the first leader invited by Host President Joe Biden to address the Quad rally, said: “Based on democratic values, Quad with positive ideas and a positive approach is determined to move forward. forward … Whether it is supply chain, security, climate action, COVID response or technology cooperation, I am happy to discuss it with our friends … Our Quad is united as a force for good at service to the world. “

* In a one-of-a-kind initiative, Quad leaders decided to create a common vaccine supply chain to deal with any pandemic situation in the Indo-Pacific region. As part of the initiative, vaccines will be developed in the United States, manufactured in India, funded by Japan and the United States, and supported by Australia through logistics for the Indo-Pacific, including states islanders.

* Prime Minister Modi said: “Our Quad vaccine initiative will help Indo-Pacific nations. Quad has decided to move forward with a positive approach based on our shared democratic values. I would be happy to chat with my friends – be it the supply chain, global security, climate action, the COVID response or technology cooperation. “

* Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “The group aims to demonstrate how democracies like ours can get things done. There is no part of the world that is more vibrant than the Indo-Pacific right now. “

* In his speech, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said, “We cherish our common values. Whether it’s regional issues or COVID, QUAD has solved many of these issues. We will also discuss finance and technology issues. Quad is a very important initiative of the 4 nations who believe in fundamental rights and believe that the Indo-Pacific must be free and open. So far, Quad has given its absolute cooperation in major sectors, be it regional challenges or COVID-19. “

Meanwhile, the Quad meeting received bipartisan support in the United States. In a joint statement, U.S. lawmakers said the Quad is taking critical steps to expand technology cooperation and military interoperability of the Virtual Heads of State Summit, Vaccine Partnership and Chain Resilience Initiative. supply earlier this spring to the successful exercise MALABAR last month.

Meanwhile, China criticized the Quad grouping. In an official statement on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “China still believes that no regional cooperation mechanism should target a third party or harm its interests. Seeking exclusive closed cliques against a third country goes against the grain of the times and the aspirations of the countries of the region. He will not find any support.

(Edited by : Anshul)

First publication: STI