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John Stamos reflects on sobriety and fatherhood before Father’s Day

Have mercy on John stamos because fatherhood is not as easy as it looks on TV.

As Father’s Day approaches, the Full house alum gave E! Lilliana Vazquez a hilarious update on her son Bowl. According to Big beanie star, Billy, 3, loves to hide things in his guitar.

“I should do a show like ‘What’s in Daddy’s Guitar?’,” John joked on the June 16 episode of E! New’ Daily pop. “Literally, I’ll find a pair of sunglasses in there. He thinks it’s funny, and it’s funny.”

Billy’s other favorite pastime? To hide behind things and scare his famous father. John confessed, “I hadn’t realized it until now, but I’m a nervous guy. He scares me.”

Either way, it’s clear that being a father is John’s favorite role to date as he exclaimed, “Parenting is making sacrifices. You are not being rewarded for it. . You don’t get a trophy or a ring, but what you do get is, you get a kid who is more loving, kinder, and a smarter version of you, and I think that’s really special. “

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