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John Oliver has alarming news for anyone who may need an ambulance

Many Americans are terrified of ambulances, not because they are sick or injured, but because of the potential bill, which could run into the thousands.

On Sunday evening, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver shared the story of a woman whose leg got stuck by a train but begged people not to call an ambulance because she didn’t. couldn’t afford it.

“It is a pretty strong indictment against our current health care system that this woman’s main concern was being crushed financially even though she was physically crushed,” he said.

Those working in emergency medical services are often poorly paid and highly stressed, with many agencies begging for donations for everything from food to equipment. Oliver noted that EMS isn’t even considered an essential service in 39 states, so local governments don’t have to provide it.

This, in turn, means that EMS has less access to government funding.

“Finding out that EMS is not deemed essential is like finding out that most states don’t view geese as birds,” Oliver said. “That’s what they are. They have beaks, wings, feathers, they rain shit from the sky. Sully Sullenberger is their Jeffrey Dahmer. They’re fucking birds. I didn’t even know someone was challenging it! ”

See his full system indictment in the clip below:


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