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John Fury warns KSI will get ‘a very nasty dentist bill’ if he tries to slap himself

John Fury issued a chilling warning to KSI about raising his hand after fighting Tommy Fury.

KSI and Fury are set to face off on October 14 in Manchester on the same card as Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis and Fury Sr has been a key part of the promotion.

Things got heated between KSI and Tommy before the fight, with John also involved.
Unsuitable boxing

And he’s apparently been at the center of all the drama too, having started at the press conference by overturning the tables and almost starting a mass brawl.

As such, KSI bizarrely stated that after beating Tommy, he was going to slap John’s “pussies”.

However, the father of heavyweight champion Tyson told talkSPORT via freebets.com that would not be wise. “He’ll never be able to slap my butt. Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of bench pressing recently.

“Look, he’d get a really bad dentist bill if he did it. No one can come after me, no one, unless they pay a lot of money.

“And I know more about fighting and violence than he does. I would probably pick him up and shoot him into the crowd like a paper airplane because one of my arms is bigger than KSI.

“But listen, this kid won’t do that. The kid’s not stupid. They are not stupid people. Like I’m not stupid. Things are getting out of control. But to dance tango, it takes two. Always remember this.

“If they want a problem, it’s because they also cause it. And if I think they’re instigating something, I’m going to confront them head on.

“At my age and in my experience, they don’t want it 100%. I can see in their eyes whether they want it or not. It’s okay with me. I won’t push. But if they want it, they can have it.

“No one wants trouble in this life. Always remember this. Nobody wants it. But if they have to have it, they will have it.

“I was born a man, I will die a man. No one can lay their hands on John Fury and expect to escape unscathed. You bring it and you touch me, you’re in trouble.


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