Joe Burrow: I’m really strong, bigger than I was after emphasizing lifting and nutrition

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow says he’s bigger and stronger after spending the last few months focusing on his nutrition and lifting weights.

When asked how much muscle mass he had added, Burrow wouldn’t put a number on his gains, but said he was “bigger, definitely bigger.”

Burrow said he feels great about where his body is right now and expects to be even stronger when the Bengals open training camp in July.

“I’m going to continue to get stronger and bigger throughout the offseason and just play by ear, based on how I feel,” Burrow said. “I’m in a good place right now. I’m really strong, bigger than I was. We’re going to continue to eat right, lift weights, follow my routine and see where I’m at.

Burrow said he works with his trainer to make sure he doesn’t skip any meals.

“I’m more mindful when it comes to nutrition and food timing and I eat when I need to,” Burrow said. “I saw results.”

Burrow suffered a season-ending right wrist injury on Nov. 16, but he says he is throw the ball and feel good. A larger, stronger terrier may be less likely to sustain injuries in the future.

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