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Joe Biden targets 70% first-time vaccine in adults by July 4

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US President Joe Biden announced Tuesday, May 4, his desire to see more than 70% of his adult compatriots vaccinated against Covid-19 with at least one dose, by the July 4 national holiday. He also set the goal of 160 million Americans fully immunized by the same date.

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday set a new vaccination target against Covid-19 in the United States: at least one injection for 70% of adults by the July 4th national holiday.

Speaking from the White House, Joe Biden also announced the target of 160 million Americans fully immunized by the same date, according to the US executive, out of the country’s 328 million people. .

Achieving that goal will significantly change the way Americans spend the summer, he said.

“The light at the end of the tunnel is getting stronger and stronger,” he said.

After record vaccination levels, the daily number of people receiving an anti-Covid dose is declining in the United States, forcing the authorities to review their strategy to reach the indifferent and the skeptics.

Rather than the huge vaccination centers in the stadiums, the authorities are now emphasizing mobile clinics and the multiplication of vaccination points as close as possible to Americans.

Referring to this “new phase”, the American president announced that the United States was ready to launch a campaign of vaccination of adolescents in the event of authorization of Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccine for them.

“The FDA (American Medicines Agency) alone will make this decision,” he insisted.

“But I want American parents to know that when this announcement falls, we will be ready to act immediately,” he added.

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