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Joe Biden promises global response to climate crisis

After announcing the return of the United States to the Paris climate agreement on the first day of his mandate, Joe Biden continues his offensive against climate change. The Democratic president invited the world’s leaders to a climate summit on April 22 and signed, on Wednesday January 27, three presidential decrees attesting to his determination.

“We cannot wait, it is time to act”, assured the American president, who believes that the United States must “Take the lead in the global response”. Not easy, as the United States has unraveled its internal regulations and unilaterally withdrew from the world community on the subject. Joe Biden knows this and must give pledges, with his special envoy for the climate John Kerry, on the international scene.

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On the domestic scene, the president begins by setting an example at the federal level: he announced the suspension of the granting of new offshore drilling licenses, including in Alaska. He intends to protect a third of the surface of federal lands, found a civil force for the climate, which would work on reforestation, depollution, the capture of carbon dioxide in agriculture and the protection of biodiversity. Second axis, technological change. The president wants to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, while electricity production must be neutral by 2035.

Create a million jobs

“When I think of climate change, I think of employment”, Joe Biden assured. The president believes it is possible to create a million jobs in the electric car, and has touted the construction of more than 1.5 million well-insulated homes, as part of his climate infrastructure plan ($ 2 trillion on four years). For this plan, it should have the support of car manufacturers: Tesla of course, but also the traditional giants who have signed with California, a pioneer state, an agreement to reduce fuel consumption by 20% (Ford, Honda, BMW , Volkswagen and Volvo). General Motors boss Mary Barra has said she is ready to work with the new administration, as the American giant is working hard to progress in the electric car.

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More delicate, the fate of workers in the energy sector. In 2016, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton clumsily explained that she would put miners and coal companies out of work. Joe Biden, he defended those who had built America and will organize aid to these communities, believing that they can convert to solar or wind: “84% of new capacity is installed in renewables, because it’s cheap, it’s clean and sometimes it’s cheaper. “

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