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Joe Biden multiplies executive orders to try to turn the Trump page

Joe Biden showed his concern for a break with his predecessor upon his arrival at the White House, Wednesday, January 20, by turning against Donald Trump’s political legacy the weapon he loved: that of the presidential decree. The Republican had used it upon his arrival at the White House by immediately attacking the health coverage for people who were deprived of it created by Barack Obama, the Obamacare.

The following days, Donald Trump targeted environmental protection and immigration. In the name of “America first”, he also withdrew the United States from a draft free trade agreement with countries bordering the Pacific intended to counter the growing influence of China.

This last measure aside, the effectiveness of his decrees had been relative. The attack on Obamacare had fizzled out. Subsequently, Donald Trump was unable to obtain from Congress, while the Republicans were in the majority in both Houses, the definitive abolition of this health coverage and its possible replacement. His administration had also had to go about it three times to draft the decree promised during the campaign banning access to American territory to nationals of Muslim countries, after scathing setbacks in the courts.

Stop construction of the “wall” wanted by Trump

On Wednesday, Joe Biden was particularly offensive by multiplying in turn the presidential decrees in the same areas. In terms of immigration, the President of the United States has restored the temporary status, also inherited from Barack Obama, provided for undocumented migrants arriving as children in the United States. This popular measure was abolished by the Trump administration in its first year in power, but maintained following legal recourse, including to the Supreme Court.

He decided to put an end to the construction of the “wall” wanted by Donald Trump on the border with Mexico by canceling the declaration of emergency which had allowed the Republican to divert funds allocated to the Department of Defense from their purpose for reallocate them to construction work. Donald Trump had resigned himself to it for lack of obtaining the necessary means from Congress.

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The decree targeting nationals of Muslim countries was also revoked. The object of a furious battle between Republicans and Democrats, Joe Biden has also put an end to the project to exclude from the decennial census, contrary to custom, undocumented migrants present in the United States. This objective could have led to electoral redistribution unfavorable to predominantly democratic urban areas.

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