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Joe Biden at the White House: Hope for a New American Era?

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This week, Joe Biden was sworn in on January 20 at noon! It was an unprecedented investiture ceremony first under high security after the assault on the Capitol on January 6. A ceremony attended by a scattered audience due to Covid 19 and without his predecessor Donald Trump who flew to Florida the same morning! Can Biden reconcile a fractured America? Does Trumpism have a bright future ahead of it?

Also on the front page, the aftermath of the presidential election in Uganda. Bobi Wine’s lawyers are pleading before the High Court of Justice in Kampala to demand his release. The main opponent of President Museveni is still stranded at home, a week after the result of the election that he is contesting.

Finally, as we seem to reach a breaking point regarding the coronavirus epidemic, vaccines are becoming a geopolitical issue. The Russians want to export their Sputnik V vaccine. Their first customers are Belarus, Bolivia, Venezuela and also Hungary. The European Union, on the other hand, has not given the green light to the Russian vaccine or to the Chinese vaccine which is exported to Brazil.

Produced by Émilie Lambert and Fadile Bhayat


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