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Jimmy Kimmel offers shadowy analogy for Biden’s first trip abroad

President Joe Biden’s first overseas trip is like America introducing her boring but kind new boyfriend to the world after breaking up with a crappy ex, Jimmy Kimmel says.

Biden left for the G7 summit in the UK on Wednesday. He seeks, in part, to reaffirm the United States’ position on the world stage and maintain stable relations with European allies following a turbulent approach to foreign policy under his predecessor, Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden hopes to undo some of the damage Trump has done to our relationship with our allies. He calls it the “less shovin ‘, more loving’ tour and it’s exciting for America,” the comedian said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “It’s like introducing our new fiancé to all of our friends. You know, you haven’t been this close in the last few years because our ex was a loud, liar cheater who never took the check. But now we have a new guy. He’s a little boring, not exactly George Clooney, but he treats us well and he doesn’t throw Starburst fruit at other world leaders.


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