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Jimmy Kimmel gives anti-Vaxxers brutal reality check on coronavirus hit

Speaking on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday night, the late night host said:

“All the doctors tell you to wear masks and to be careful and that the vaccine is safe. So if you decide it isn’t, that’s fine. Do not understand. But you are no longer allowed to go to the doctors. Why would you want They do not know anything. Go treat your gonorrhea with witch hazel and a cotton swab. “

Kimmel also noted that when former White House adviser Ivanka Trump was vaccinated, her fans attacked her on social media, claiming that they would never get the vaccine themselves.

“What is it, Trumpsters?” Kimmel said. “Does Donald Trump deserve credit for miracle vaccines or are they unnecessary?” It cannot be both.

See more in his monologue below. Be sure to stick around for Mike Lindell’s impression of the comedian James Adomian:

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