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Jimmy Hayes’ widow promises to share ‘love affair’ with children during funeral

Kristen hayes swore to keep her late husband Jimmy hayesliving memory.

On Monday, August 30, friends and family of the late NHL player gathered for his funeral at St. Ann’s Church in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. According to People, As the participants approached the church, they were greeted by young athletes wearing Dorchester Youth Hockey jerseys.

People wrote that during services, Kristen spoke about her husband’s “heart of gold” and the shocking nature of his death at age 31. She reflected, “My dearest Jimmy, I can’t believe I’m standing here a month after our three year wedding anniversary. You were just the best. There’s no other way to put it. .

“The boys and I were your whole world. Every morning you would wake me up with ‘Hi, fat mom’ or ‘Fat mom that looks sexy,’ Kristen remembers. boys have the sexy mom in the queue at school.