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Jennifer Lopez is “totally in love” with Ben Affleck as the journey continues

It’s most certainly clear that J.Lo’s relationship with the retired athlete is history.

In addition to publicly showing her affection for Ben on The Gram, she was recently spotted wearing a gold necklace with her name displayed on her chest.

During her travels in Monaco, the founder of JLo Beauty accessorized her little white dress with the jewel that makes the statement.

Even though the Selena actress is wearing a new bling, don’t expect to see her wearing a ring this finger for now. A separate source previously told E! News that she and the Justice League the actor does not rush into anything.

“They have mixed up their lives and their families and do not yet feel the need to get engaged or even get married,” the insider explained. “They have both been there and don’t think it’s necessary.”

As the source noted, “They’re both very secure in their relationship and Ben worships her. It’s really meant to be and everyone around them thinks they’re perfect.”

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