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Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN, talks about Zoom incident that cost him work

Author and legal analyst Jeffery Toobin made a surprising return to CNN on Thursday, apologizing for his Zoom incident and vowing “to be a better person.”

Toobin was reintroduced to CNN viewers by anchor Alisyn Camerota, who had the unenviable task of summing up how Toobin was on a Zoom call with his colleagues at The New Yorker in October when an incident was captured on camera which cost him his job at the magazine.

“Everyone took a several minute break where you were caught masturbating on camera,” Camerota explained, smiling awkwardly.

“You were then fired from that job after 27 years working there and have since been on leave from CNN. Am I quite right?

Toobin replied, “You got it all, sad to say.”

Camerota then refers to the famous 2005 episode of the “Tonight Show” when Jay Leno interviewed Hugh Grant, the actor’s first interview about his humiliating arrest for picking up a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

“OK, so let’s start there. To quote Jay Leno, ‘What the hell were you thinking?’” Said Camerota.

“Well, obviously I wasn’t thinking very well or very well, and that was something that was inexplicable to me,” Toobin said.

The author of “The Run of His Life: The People v. OJ Simpson” explained that he thought he was off camera.

“I think a point – I wouldn’t say exactly ‘in my defense’ because nothing is really in my defense – I didn’t think I was online. I didn’t think others could see me “, did he declare. mentionned.

The famous lawyer threw himself at the mercy of viewers, promising to become a better person.

“It was deeply stupid and indefensible, but it’s part of history,” Toobin said.

“I spent the next seven months – miserable months in my life, I can certainly admit it – trying to be a better person. I’m in therapy, trying to do public service, working in a food bank where I will definitely continue to do so. “

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