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Jeff Bridges says his COVID-19 case made cancer ‘looks like a piece of cake’

Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges got good news about his cancer on Monday, but added that the terrifying COVID-19 case he caught during treatment made his lymphoma seem like a ‘piece of cake’ .

The 1998 “Big Lebowski” “Dude” noted on his website that his cancer was “in remission,” with the tumor shrinking dramatically.

In an earlier note written in March that he first posted on Monday, Bridges said his “dancing with COVID makes my cancer look like a piece of cake.”

Bridges, 71, said when sick with COVID he had “moments of tremendous pain” in which he would scream “all night long” – and believe he was “getting closer to the pearly doors.”

But it’s “in the rearview mirror” now, he wrote. “This contact with mortality brought me a real gift: life is short and beautiful. Love is all around us and available at all times, ”he added.

Until recently, Bridges needed extra oxygen to get around. “The sound reminds me of Darth Vader,” he joked.

“COVID kicked my ass pretty well, but I’m double vaccinated and feel a lot better,” Bridges wrote. He speculated that the vaccine was linked to its “rapid improvement”.

The actor said he was informed – “hahaha” – in January by the facility where he was receiving chemotherapy infusions for his cancer that he may have been exposed to the coronavirus there. Vaccines were generally not available at the time.

“Soon after,” he and his wife, Sue Geston, who also contracted COVID-19, “shared an ambulance at the ICU,” Bridges wrote.

His wife was in the hospital for five days. Bridges was in the hospital with COVID for five weeks because “my immune system is affected by the chemo,” he added.

A relieved Bridges said he was able to achieve his goal of walking his daughter Hayley down the aisle for her recent wedding and dancing with her “oxygen free”. He posted a video of the wedding dance on “Ain’t That Love” by Ray Charles, which can be seen here by clicking on the sketch of the father and daughter.

And, very Dude-like, he also shared this home and heart video:


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