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Jeff Bridges says his cancer is in remission after ‘bordering on death’ while battling COVID-19

Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges said while his cancer was in remission he caught COVD-19 during treatment, which “gave me a ** pretty good kick,” a- he said in a handwritten note posted on his website.

The 71-year-old revealed his cancer diagnosis in October 2020. “I was diagnosed with lymphoma”, Bridges said on twitter after quoting his iconic character from “The Big Lebowski”, The Dude. “Although this is a serious illness, I feel fortunate to have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I am starting treatment and will keep you posted on my recovery.”

On Monday, on his website, Bridges shared an article he wrote in March, but decided not to share until he got his COVID-19 under control.

The post explained in January that a person at the facility where Bridges received chemotherapy was exposed to COVID-19, and he and his wife tested positive. The good news at the time was that his 9×12 inch tumor had shrunk to 2×2 inches.

But while Bridges’ wife spent five days in the hospital battling COVID-19, he spent five weeks.

“The reason I have been here for so long is that my immune system is affected by the chemo,” he wrote. “My dancing with Covid makes my cancer look like a piece of cake.” He said that while he was having a moment of tremendous pain and was “getting closer to the pearly gates”, he still felt “happy and joyful” most of the time.

He said his “thrill with mortality” gave him a gift: “Life is short and beautiful. Love is all around us, and available at all times.”

In another update dated September 13, Bridges wrote that his tumor was now the size of a marble. “My COVID is in the rearview mirror,” he wrote. “COVID kicked me off pretty well **, but I’m doubly vaccinated and I feel a lot better now. I’ve heard that the vaccine can help people with the long haul. maybe the cause of my rapid improvement. ” Long-haul people are patients who have recovered from COVID-19 infection but still have symptoms and difficulties.

Bridges also said he was working with a therapist, with the goal of being able to walk around without oxygen assistance. He set himself this goal for a reason: to accompany his daughter, Hayley, down the aisle to her wedding.

“Thanks to [my therapist] Zach and my amazing medical team, I was able to not only walk Hay down the aisle, but also make a married father dance with her, without oxygen, ”he said.