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Jean-Michel Blanquer wants to ban inclusive writing at school – RT en français

The Minister of National Education spoke out against inclusive writing for “educational purposes”, considering that it was “a barrier” to the transmission of the language. A debate will begin in the Senate on May 6 on this subject.

In an interview with Sunday newspaper and published on May 2, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer opposed inclusive writing, judging that it did not promote the transmission of the language. This “non-gendered” writing will be the subject of a debate in the Senate as of May 6.

Inclusive writing is promoted by some feminist associations and aims to transform classical writing, in particular by inserting midpoints to which we add feminine and masculine suffixes (eg citizens) in the same word. The objective of this writing is to erase any disparity between the sexes (the French language being gendered by nature). Its defenders consider that this helps promote equality between men and women.

“Putting dots in the middle of words is a barrier to the transmission of our language for all, for example for dyslexic pupils”

Asked by the JDD to find out if inclusive writing was a good way to promote this equality, the minister replied by recalling that the French language contributed to the country’s global power, but that it should not “be crushed or damaged”, a- he declared

“The feminization of professions and functions is progress, but putting dots in the middle of words is a barrier to the transmission of our language for all, for example for dyslexic students. We already have a circular from Edouard Philippe prohibiting inclusive writing in administrative uses, we are going to clarify the fact that this is also true in our educational uses. We are going to dot the i’s! ” he concluded, hinting that the inclusive writing ban would soon be extended to schools.

A left-right divide

Inclusive writing faces a lot of resistance from both the opposition and the majority. At the end of February, as reported by the site of the parliamentary channel Public-Senat, the deputy François Jolivet of the majority La République en Marche (LREM) had tabled a proposal to ban “inclusive writing for legal persons in charge of a public service ”, co-signed by around forty right-wing and central deputies.

An initiative that makes the left cringe. “It is a resistance to the evolution of society and to the emancipation of women,” lamented Laurence Rossignol, socialist senator and former Minister of Women’s Rights during the presidency of François Hollande.

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