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Jean-Marie Le Pen religiously married his wife Jany – France

Jean-Marie Le Pen, 92, and Jany Le Pen, 88, had already been civilly married since 1991. This time, Jean-Marie and Jany Le Pen exchanged their consents according to the rite of the Roman Catholic Church, in front of the traditionalist priest Philippe Laguérie.

None of the three daughters of the FN co-founder and none of the grandchildren “knew”, according to the entourage of Marine Le Pen, who succeeded her father at the head of the far-right party in 2011.

Yann Le Pen ruled in Le Figaro “Humiliating and hurtful” to learn of this marriage “by way of the press”. “I have a very close relationship with my father. It was something that would have made me very happy if he had married his wife in his old age. But there, we feel that something is not normal… His entourage is not very Catholic, ”she added.

Jean-Marie Le Pen had divorced in 1987 from his first wife Pierrette Lalanne, mother of his daughters, who left with the author of a biography of her husband. Despite his political differences, notably with Marie-Caroline and Marine, he had reunited all his children and grandchildren for his 90th birthday in June 1998.

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