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Jasmine Harrison: She’s 21 and just became the youngest female to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo

Harrison completed the 2020 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes on Saturday – a new world record for the youngest woman to row solo in any ocean, according to Atlantic Campaigns.

Along the way, she had “a near collision with a drillship, two capsizes, a lot of peanut butter and Nutella consumed,” Harrison said on Twitter.
Harrison, from the landlocked town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England, wrote on her website that she was inspired to participate in the challenge when she saw the 2018 race come to a close while teaching swimming in the Caribbean.

“It wasn’t just about watching and holding the flares at Nelson’s shipyard for a run that inspired me, it was also talking to a family member of a boy who had just finished who told me how amazing it was. I didn’t say “not a chance I do that”, it was more a fact of why not do it? ” she wrote.

She says she hopes “to inspire young people to go it alone,” according to her Facebook page.


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