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James Craig shouted out by protesters in Belle Isle while announcing his gubernatorial candidacy

DETROITJames craig traveled to Belle Isle on Tuesday to officially announce his intention to run for Michigan governor, but was yelled at by protesters and forced to leave after just 10 words.

Craig and his supporters showed up at the chanting ad of “James Craig Must Go”. Protesters surrounded the podium with signs and a horn.

“I have one thing to say,” Craig said. “I am running for governor.

His voice was almost drowned out by the chants and Craig left with his followers immediately after. He was on the podium for about 40 seconds.

Craig moved his ad to another location later in the morning.

You can watch the video below. WARNING: There is strong and offensive language from the protesters and on the signs in the video.

James Craig drowned by protesters as he announced his bid for governor of Belle Isle

Former Detroit Police Chief Local 4 member Rod Meloni told Monday that he is not a politician, but that the state is polarized and must come together. He said Michigan needs new leadership to get there.

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“Some people don’t talk to or with whom,” Craig said. “The solutions are made unilaterally, so I think it’s important to have a person, a leader who understands it’s important. It’s not just Democrats and Republicans.

Craig is one of the many Republican candidates expected to defend the post against Gov. Gretchen whitmer.

“My goal right now is 2022 and that’s good for Michigan,” Craig said. “This is what is most important.

“Complaint # 1 is the government’s overbreadth and also this handouts, the pursuit of handouts and it’s killing small businesses.”

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