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Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight: odds, predictions & betting trends for 2021 boxing match

Jake Paul will continue his improbable boxing career with his third professional fight. But this time his opponent is a real fighter and not a fellow YouTuber or NBA player.

On April 17, Paul will face retired mixed martial artist Ben Askren in an 8-round bout that will headline Triller’s Fight Club at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Since the start of his boxing career, Paul has gone 2-0 with both knockout wins over AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson. Neither of the two fighters had ever entered a boxing ring before facing Paul. Former Bellator and ONE FC champion Askren also hasn’t had a professional boxing match. However, he had a successful 12-year career in MMA and faced some of the best in the sport.

It will be the first time that the extremely confident Paul has taken on anyone with combat experience as Askren aims to silence the social media superstar’s loudmouth.

Here are the betting odds to help you in your selection.

All odds courtesy of FanDuel.

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Jake Paul vs Ben Askren odds

  • Jake Paul: -190
  • Ben Askren: +148
  • Draw: +2000

Although Paul has only two fights without any of his opponents coming out of the second round, punters believe he showed enough in the boxing ring to get out of an opponent who is not known. for his strike. Paul is a -190 favorite, which means it would take a bet of $ 190 to get a return of $ 100. As for Askren, his 12 years of mixed martial arts experience doesn’t mean much. The two-time NCAA Division I National Wrestling Champion has incredible wrestling credentials, but hasn’t proven much in terms of boxing ability. For this reason, he sits as a +148 underdog against the YouTuber. A bet of $ 100 would bring in a profit of $ 148 if you choose to bet on Askren to come out victorious.

Prediction Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Say whatever you want about Jake Paul, but YouTuber, 24, takes his training very seriously. And although he hasn’t faced a quality opponent, he has shown a good shot, solid power and appears to be basically solid. As for Askren, despite being a champion in two MMA promotions and a stint in the UFC, the world-class wrestler is just not a very good boxer. He’s had three fights in the UFC and two of them went without him landing a single strike. Granted, one was a five-second loss to Jorge Masvidal, but that’s a testament to his one-dimensional approach to the fighting game.

Askren has a lot of experience as a fighter, but that won’t help him against Paul unless he can show a drastic improvement in his hitting. Keep in mind that Askren never knocked out an opponent while both were standing. His 12 MMA finishes have come with his floor opponents due to his superior wrestling. Sadly, wrestling is not a part of boxing and Askren will be asked to use his less polished skills against an opponent who has mainly been training in this discipline for three years.

It can be boring to some, but don’t let that cloud your vision of who will win this fight. Askren can take a punch and could hit Paul if the fight goes into later rounds. However, he’s in a whole different world against an opponent who doesn’t like him and will be looking to take him out early. Either way, the YouTube star will see his hand raised and chase another huge paycheck and step forward from his opponent after defeating Askren.

Choice of sports news: Jake Paul (-190)

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