J.K. Rowling Is So Transphobic Even Elon Musk Wants Her to Shut Up

JK Rowling has been on the anti-trans bandwagon for years, but her ramblings have become so exhausting that even anti-LGBT loudmouth Elon Musk wants her to move on.

Reply to a wordy message (over 700 words!) from Harry Potter author nearly a month ago, Musk expressed agreement with the bulk of her arguments — which amounted to several blocks of reheated ideas about why she thinks transgender women are not women – but kindly guided her towards other endeavors.

“While I completely agree with your points regarding sex/gender, may I suggest posting interesting and positive content on other topics as well? »wrote the billionaire, who tirelessly defended the right and the fascists.

Job-Harry Potter success, the author’s most notable writings have certainly been her trans-exclusionary arguments on feminism. Musk has had his own string of anti-trans Twitter rants over the years, but he has also encouraged other types of hate, including anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, misinformation about black IQs, and the conspiracy theory of white supremacy that immigrants are immigrants. take control of the country.

Perhaps, in Musk’s opinion, one of these topics would be better suited to Rowling’s literary gifts.

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