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‘It’s truly sad.’  Adults fight in Eastern Kentucky Little League game

Local city agencies are investigating after adults reportedly fought in a Little League baseball game in Stanton on Monday night.

Video of the incident shared on Facebook shows more than a dozen adults on the baseball field, some shouting obscenities at each other.

“It’s really sad that these kids who played hard all season and put their hearts on this pitch couldn’t finish their championship game because the ‘adults’ wanted to act like that,” Destani Renaye Knox wrote. in a Facebook post, which included a video of the altercation.

Another video of the incident shared in a Facebook comment appeared to show a man in an argument with several others throwing his hat to the ground before another man rushed in, pushes people around and takes off his shirt.

Hours after the altercation on the pitch, the argument continued on social media with people including coaches arguing over who was to blame and posting additional videos.

“I never touched anyone,” Jimmy Smith, one of the coaches of the team who appeared to be involved in the dispute, said in a Facebook post. “Yes, I was upset by a bad call, but I would never fight someone in front of children!” I will defend my team 10 out of 10 times, and you tell me a coach who wouldn’t? “

The other team’s coach Steve Randall tagged Smith in a Facebook post and said they both needed to work things out. Randall also appeared to be involved in the altercation.

“You call me tomorrow and plan a time when we can have both teams on the pitch and present them with their deserved trophy,” Randall said in Smith’s Facebook post. “What you did was wrong, what I did was wrong and it was a disservice to the kids. We name the Rangers and Reds co-champions and get it over with.”

The Stanton Police Department and the Stanton Parks and Recreation Department said in social media posts that they were investigating the incident.

“Kids’ sports leagues are meant to be fun activities where kids can feel safe while learning a sport… but more importantly, learn good sportsmanship,” the Department of Parks and Recreation said in a post on Facebook. “Tonight’s display was anything but that.”

Stanton Police called the incident an “adult dispute” and said investigators “were working to understand the events leading up to this incident.”

Anyone with information about the incident has been asked to call the Powell County Dispatch Center at 606-663-4116 or message the Stanton Police Department on Facebook.

Stanton Parks and Recreation asked people to share videos of the altercation if they had any available. Officials said they would use the videos to “help determine our disciplinary actions.”

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