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Italians to get vaccinated in Serbia – world

After several cases of thrombosis in patients vaccinated in several countries, the AstraZeneca vaccine, recently renamed Vaxzevria, no longer popular. And while the EMA (European Medicines Agency) and its Italian counterpart AIFA are preparing to re-evaluate the age groups eligible for this vaccine, more and more ‘Italians

refine their plan B.

For a few days in Italy, all eyes, or almost, have now turned to Serbia, which is well supplied with vaccines by the European Union, but also China and Russia. Because, in this small country nestled in the heart of the Balkans and populated by barely seven million inhabitants, the government agrees to immunize residents and tourists alike free of charge. “In Milan, the telephone switchboard and consulate mailboxes are literally taken by storm and we do not know where to turn,” explains Consul Radmila Selakovic, adding: “Lawyers, entrepreneurs, students and even caregivers ask us how to get vaccinated in Belgrade ”.

To be registered on the waiting lists, all you have to do is complete a form posted on the Serbian government website and indicate the general information about the candidate for vaccination, an address and a telephone number. Finally, the preferred type of prophylaxis. The menu is quite varied: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, the famous Russian vaccine, or a small dose of Sinopharm, the prophylaxis developed and designed by the Chinese.

The road is long

Until now, this document was in Serbo-Croatian, which posed serious problems for candidates for vaccination from the Peninsula. But given the growing number of requests, the government decided to put a second version in English. Apart from language difficulties, the Italians must also resolve the issue of travel because, until April 30, all direct flights to Serbia have been canceled. To get around this important obstacle, they have the choice between three solutions: stopover in Vienna, Budapest or Zurich, get behind the wheel or take a long-distance bus armed with sandwiches and, above all, a lot of patience because the road is damn long. . But beware, warns the Serbian consulate in Italy, “no need to make the trip without an appointment, the borders are closed and, to pass, you have to show a white paw, that is to say a reservation in a center of vaccination in Belgrade ”.

Vaxzevria is the new trade name for the Swedish-British vaccine.

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