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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to resign on Tuesday in hopes of forming a new government

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday January 25 that he would resign on Tuesday. He convened a council of ministers on Tuesday at 9 a.m., intended to “Inform the ministers of his intention to go to the Quirinal [siège de la présidence de la République] to resign ”, reports a press release from its services.

Mr. Conte hopes to obtain a mandate from the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to try to form a new government, the third since 2018, say the Italian media.

The political crisis was triggered by the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (2014-2016), who on January 13 withdrew his small party Italia Viva from the ruling coalition after weeks of criticism of the management of the health crisis and Mr. Conte’s stimulus plans.

The president of the council succeeded last week in obtaining the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, at the cost of the abstention of the elected representatives of Italia Viva and the rallying of a few independents, but his position remains fragile.

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At the end of these votes, Mr. Conte called on centrist and independent deputies not belonging to his coalition to ally themselves with his minority government; few of them have so far answered the call.

Time is running out to pass the laws necessary to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, Italy being one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe, and the economic crisis it has triggered.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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