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“It is a day that I will never forget”;  Widow and Family Remember Coffee County Father One Year After Death From Car Theft |  New

COFFEE COUNTY, TN (WSMV) – A family in Coffee County relives the worst day of their lives on Monday. A year ago, their son, Jordan Stevens, died after being shot dead by a car thief near Manchester. Stevens was shot three times, saving the lives of his wife and unborn child.

Jordan Stevens’ family say D’Angelo Dorsey crashed into the car Jordan and his wife, Aileen, were driving on Highway 70 before hijacking them. To this day, their family can still see the tire tracks on the sidewalk, and they can’t look at the area the same way anymore.

“It’s a day I’ll never forget,” says Jeff Stevens, Jordan’s father.

Outside the Stevens’ home in McMinnville, signs line their perimeter reading “Our Hero” in honor of their son.

On September 13, 2020, Jordan and Aileen were scheduled to visit Jordan’s parents for lunch. But when Jeff and Michelle didn’t hear from their son, they got worried.

“I told her, ‘something’s wrong, I can’t smell Jordan,'” Michelle remembers.

With her maternal instinct, Michelle was right. A TBI investigation revealed that Jordan and Aileen were on their way to church when Dorsey forced into the couple’s car. Dorsey told them to drive him home where he stole two guns and another car. He then took Jordan and Aileen to a deserted area in Manchester and told them to get out.

“At that point he just turned around and Jordan said, ‘Please don’t shoot her or my baby, just take my life,’” Jeff said.

Jordan’s family say he was shot by Dorsey three times. Dorsey then told Aileen to get back in the car and walked down I-24 until it crashed. Dorsey then committed suicide.

“For three hours, Aileen was with this man,” says Jeff. “Three hours.”

Three hours after three shots, which Aileen now thinks is for Jordan, herself and their unborn baby who is now seven months old.

Her name is Galilea Stevens and lives with Aileen in Miami. But for Aileen, this year has not been easier.

“Now that we’re here, I’ve already suffered two more casualties,” Aileen said. “One with my grandfather on the 19th and my father on the 29th.”

Aileen’s father and grandfather died this year from COVID-19, 10 days apart. In one year, she has lost three of the most important men in her life, but one she sees every day in Galilee.

“He looks like him when he was a baby,” Aileen says.

“She has a lot of little notions of Jordan,” Michelle comments. “She has a small nose and big blue eyes.”

“I hope she has a dry sense of humor,” laughs Jeff.

After Jordan’s death, his parents tell their youngest son Jason that if he drives a car and someone hits him, keep driving. They say they will pay for any ticket.