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Israel weighs response to Iran as war devastates Gaza: Live updates

4:14 p.m. ET, April 18, 2024

Palestinian girl conceived by IVF killed in strike on Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza

By CNN’s Kareem Khadder, Abeer Salman, Mohammad Al Sawalhi and Sana Noor Haq

Shahed Owdetallah

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Family members of Shahed Owdatallah considered it a miracle when she was born via IVF in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza on November 4, 2013. Her parents had waited more than 20 years to conceive.

But her life was cut short Tuesday, family members told CNN, when the 10-year-old Palestinian girl was killed in an airstrike on the camp. At least 14 people were killed in the targeted attack, including eight children, according to officials at the local Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the attack was an airstrike and was being investigated.

For her family, Shahed was a big dream, and everyone pampered her until she grew up and started school,” said those close to her. “She really loved playing and reading…everyone loved her.”

CNN footage filmed at Al-Aqsa Hospital the day after Tuesday’s strike shows fathers cradling the young, lifeless bodies of their children, their eyes red and swollen in disbelief. The other children look on suspiciously. Shrill screams pierce the walls of the hospital.

Injured Palestinian children are brought to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital following an attack on the Maghazi refugee camp in Deir al-Balah, Gaza, April 16. CNN added blur to this image to protect identities.

Achraf Amra/Anadolu/Getty Images

Parents told CNN their children were playing foosball when the camp opened.

“A drone strike hit them while they were playing,” said Jaber Abu Jayyab, the father of 9-year-old Lujain. “They were all children.” Israeli attacks in Gaza have killed more than 13,900 children, the Health Ministry reported on April 18.

In another hospital scene, a 14-year-old boy, Mohamad AlNouri, curls up over the body of his younger brother – Mahmoud Khalil AlNouri, 8 – who is wrapped in a white cloth. “He’s still alive,” moaned Mohamad. “Don’t leave him here.”

“My God. What have they all done? a man cries. “What have they all done?”

CNN’s Jennifer Hauser and Ibrahim Dahman contributed reporting.

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