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Israel warns civilians in northern Gaza to evacuate area within 24 hours: ‘For your safety’

Israel warned the 1.1 million people living in northern Gaza to evacuate the area within 24 hours as a “humanitarian measure to minimize civilian casualties” ahead of the military response to Hamas terrorist attacks.

Jonathan Conricus, Israeli army spokesperson shared the message he said, it was sent to Gaza citizens on X, formerly Twitter, on Friday morning.

“The Israeli army calls for the evacuation of all civilians in Gaza City from their homes to the south for their own safety and protection and to move to the area south of Wadi Gaza, the Gaza River, as shown on the map,” Conricus said.

He explained that telling people to move south of the river makes the directions clear and understandable to everyone, whether they have a map or not.


Israeli tanks move near the Gaza border as the army deploys military vehicles around the Gaza Strip. (Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Conricus said the evacuation order is being given for security reasons, adding that civilians will not be able to return to Gaza City until another announcement announcing the cleansing of the area is made. He also said not to approach the security barrier area with Israel.

The United Nations told The Associated Press it received notice from Israel issuing a 24-hour evacuation warning, and Conricus confirmed its communications with the United Nations.

Israel prepares for ground invasion to eliminate Hamas and Americans are still held hostage

Israeli tanks, soldiers on the move

The Israeli military has warned citizens of northern Gaza to evacuate to the south of the region in a bid to “minimize civilian casualties” ahead of an Israeli response to Hamas attacks. (Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Hamas operates from Gaza City in tunnels under houses and inside buildings populated by innocent civilians with the aim of using them as human shields.

“Civilians of Gaza City, evacuate to the south for your own safety and that of your families and get away from Hamas terrorists who are using you as human shields,” the Israeli military said in a press release.

The Israeli military said it would continue to operate significantly in Gaza City and would make significant efforts to avoid harm to civilians.

“There are civilians here who are not our enemies and we do not want to target them. We are asking them to evacuate so that we can continue to strike military targets belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip,” he said. Conricus declared.


As of Thursday evening, more than 2,800 Israelis and Palestinians have been killed and at least 9,800 injured since the launch of Hamas’ action. attack on Israel SATURDAY. The death toll is expected to rise as Israeli forces prepare for a ground invasion of Gaza.


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