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Israel records new contamination record – RT en français

Israel is experiencing an increase in contamination, with a new record of 11,000 new cases recorded on August 31, the day before the start of the school year. School staff refusing vaccination will be required to test negative.

Israel has reached a new record of daily Covid-19 contamination since the start of the pandemic, with nearly 11,000 cases recorded on the eve of the start of the school year, the health ministry announced on August 31.

In recent weeks, the number of Covid cases has continued to increase in Israel against the backdrop of the spread of the Delta variant, which is more contagious, in unvaccinated adults but also in people vaccinated there are more than six month. This epidemic situation prompted the authorities to launch a campaign for the administration of a booster dose of the vaccine.

As of August 30, authorities had announced more than 9,000 cases, a number that rose to 10,947 on August 31 (7.65% positive tests), surpassing the previous high of 10,118 cases in one day recorded on the 18th. last January, according to data from the Ministry of Health, which however reported a slight decline in the number of serious cases across the country.

Contaminations that do not abate despite an intensive vaccination campaign

Despite this record number of cases, the Israeli government has decided not to delay the start of the school year for 2.4 million students scheduled for September 1, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett however announcing that school staff refusing vaccination should test negative twice a week.

Israel was one of the first countries to launch a massive vaccination campaign in mid-December under an agreement with Pfizer that quickly delivered millions of paid doses in exchange for efficacy data. of the vaccine on its population, which had made it possible to drop the number of cases until the spread of the Delta variant.

Almost 5.5 million people have received two doses of the vaccine in Israel, or about 60% of the total population, including more than 80% of adults, the vaccine not being authorized for children under 12 years of age. .

However, the government lowered on August 29 to 12 years the minimum age to receive a 3rd dose of vaccine against the coronavirus in order to fight against the increase in contamination, linked to the Delta variant. Faced with the rise in the number of cases in Israel, the European Union decided on August 30 to reimpose restrictions on non-essential travel from that country.

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