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Israel, fireworks mortar fire in Brest, vaccination: midday update – Brittany

Car fires, fireworks mortar fire: in Brest, rough night in Pontanézen

During the night from Thursday to Friday, firefighters intervened twice for car fires in the Pontanézen district, in Brest. The first time, rue Corot, at 11:30 pm Then, rue Gavarni, at 12:14 am Fires which were quickly brought under control. But the firefighters were taken to task. They were expected by dozens of individuals, who made them understand that they were not welcome. Some banged on the vans before the firefighters left. There were no injuries. The police also attended. But, faced with fireworks, they made a strategic withdrawal. [Plus d’infos ici]

The “Brittany” section

“We have to hold on, we will have a lot of doses in June, so new centers”, announces Castex.

Traveling to a vaccination center in the Gers, Jean Castex encouraged the French to “hold on” to the health front before the arrival of “many doses in June”. “We have to hold on, we will have a lot of doses in June, so new centers,” he said. “That people do not hesitate to be vaccinated at their resort”, also insisted the Prime Minister, while on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health invited the French to “adapt” this summer, striving to make their vacation departure dates compatible with their covid-19 vaccination appointments. [Suivez notre direct]

Vaccination in Brittany: where, when, how?

Reconfined Guyana

Since this Friday, Guyana has been re-defined. And this, until May 30 inclusive, “due to the deterioration of the health situation on the territory”, announced the prefecture.

It is in fact a semi-containment: schools and nurseries remain open, but bars, restaurants, cinemas and public swimming pools (except for schools) are obliged to close their doors. In addition, travel is again subject to certification. When it comes to outdoor walks, the 10 km rule, and no more than an hour, also applies. [Suivez notre direct]

Japan: expanded state of emergency, ten weeks before the Tokyo Olympics


Japan has extended its state of emergency, already in place in six departments, to three additional departments in the face of the resurgence of the pandemic, just ten weeks before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics. “We have decided to add the departments of Hokkaido, Okayama and Hiroshima to those already under a state of emergency until May 31,” announced the Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga. [Plus d’infos ici]

Conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates

During the night, the Israeli army increased the bombardments “to inflict severe damage to the tunnels” which allow the fighters and leaders of Hamas, which fired hundreds of rockets towards Israel, to circulate through the Gaza Strip away from the cameras of the Hebrew state, or even to cross the Israeli side to try, for example, to take hostages there, she said.

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