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Israel, despite 85% of adults vaccinated, strengthens its health measures against the Delta variant – RT in english

Israel has announced the implementation of new health measures due to the spread of the Delta variant. However, 85% of adults are vaccinated in the Jewish state, which has launched a campaign for the injection of a third dose.

Israel will impose new health restrictions to combat the spread of the coronavirus, authorities said on the evening of August 3.

Faced with an increase in contamination in recent weeks, linked to the spread of the Delta variant, the Hebrew state has decided to extend the obligation of the sanitary pass to public places bringing together less than 100 people in an enclosed space, as well as the port a mask is compulsory in outdoor spaces with more than 100 people.

In addition, quarantine will be mandatory for people returning from most countries of the world, vaccinated or not. This quarantine period was reduced in mid-July to seven days instead of ten previously, under the condition of a negative test. These new restrictions will come into effect on August 8, according to the official statement, following the ministerial cabinet meeting on the management of the coronavirus.

Israel was one of the first countries to launch a massive vaccination campaign in mid-December under a deal with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which quickly delivered millions of doses to the country in exchange for data. on the effects of its vaccine developed with the company BioNTech. This campaign delivered two doses of the vaccine to more than 55% of the country’s population, and about 85% of adults, resulting in the reopening of cafes, bars and shops and a reduction in the number of cases less than 100 per day against 10,000 at the height of the epidemic.

A campaign for a third injection

In recent weeks, however, contamination has started to rise again against the backdrop of the spread of the Delta variant, pushing the authorities to reimpose certain measures such as wearing a mask in closed public places.

Israel launched a campaign on July 30 for a third dose of the vaccine for those over 60. More than 110,000 elderly people have received a third dose, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

In the past 24 hours, Israel has recorded 3,818 cases of Covid, a record since March, and the country has 422 people hospitalized, 221 of whom are in serious condition.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett who on August 3 accompanied his mother who was receiving a third dose of the vaccine called on Israeli citizens to be vaccinated: “I ask you all; children, grandchildren, fathers and mothers to go and get vaccinated. “

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