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Israel: Are the Hours Counted for Netanyahu in Power?  – World

In supporting Israel’s opposition leader on Sunday, radical-right herald Naftali Bennett paved the way for the formation of a “government of change” that could bring down Benjamin Netanyahu, the most enduring prime minister. of the history of Israel.

Yair Lapid, a centrist at the head of the Israeli opposition, has only four deputies to rally to form a coalition capable of turning the page on the Netanyahu era. His mandate, received in early May from President Reuven Rivlin after Mr. Netanyahu’s failure to form a coalition, runs until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.

“Moments of truth”

To form a government, Yaïr Lapid, at the head of the Yesh Atid party (“There is a future”), must gather the support of 61 deputies. With the support of the left, the center and two right-wing formations, he had gathered 51, until Mr. Bennett rallied.

“I am announcing that I will do everything to form a unity government with my friend Yaïr Lapid,” said Mr. Bennett on Sunday evening, who for several weeks had cultivated the mystery of his intentions. “In these moments of truth, you have to know how to take responsibility. Yaïr and I have our differences but we share the love of this country ”.

If the anti-Netanyahu camp fails to form a government, 61 lawmakers can ask the president to appoint a parliamentarian as prime minister. Another scenario, the most feared by voters already called to vote four times in just over two years: a return to the polls.

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