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Is this botched patient’s birthmark a “lost cause?”

Call for divine intervention.

Plastic surgery patient Jazmyn meets Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry dubrow in a preview tonight sloppy, aired on July 20, to see if her big birthmark can be removed. As Dr Nassif explains, Jazmyn’s feature is dangerously along the back of the neck and falls where the skin tightens.

“It’s a very difficult case for everyone,” warns Nassif. “If I went in there right away and tried to cut it off, it wouldn’t work because the skin on the back of the neck and behind the eye usually doesn’t stretch as well. We wouldn’t be. able to close your skin. ”

Still, the always inventive Nassif has a “little idea” on how to loosen Jazymn’s skin before surgery: a tissue stent could be placed under his birthmark to slowly expand the area over a few weeks.

Even Dr Dubrow has to admit it’s a good idea. “Hm, I never thought about it,” he said.

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