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Is this ABC’s new baccalaureate?  See photos raising eyebrows

While the search for new members of Bachelor Nation is still ongoing, ABC may have just found their next prominent man.

As the excitement continues to mount for the first season of The bachelorette with michelle young, new photos exclusive to E! News suggests planning a whole new season of The single person is well advanced.

According to a source, photos were taken on the set of what appears to be a promotional shoot for the upcoming season in Missouri. In fact, a handsome gentleman is followed by a film crew near a house.

While ABC has yet to officially announce who will be the lucky man looking for love among a group of eligible women, reports have already surfaced that the example may come from Michelle’s next season. .

Based on the initial roster of potential men competing for her season, our source says it appears the guy filming appears to be from Michelle’s season. In fact, our source says it looks like the initials of the next Bachelor are CE