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Is pension reform a priority?  (DEBATE) – RT in French

Is pension reform back on the executive’s agenda? Faced with the health crisis and its economic and social consequences, is it a priority? Jacques Myard (LR) and Jean-Louis Bricout (PS) discuss it on RT France.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire recently confirmed that the pension reform, a project interrupted by the health crisis, remained a “priority”. For the CGT, on the other hand, it would be quite simply a mistake to “put this reform back on the table”.

According to the Pension Orientation Council, the “financing need” of the pension system stood at 18 billion euros last year and financial equilibrium should not be reached before the mid-2030s.

Jacques Myard, Les Républicains (LR) mayor of Maisons-Laffitte, and Jean-Louis Bricout, socialist deputy for Aisne, discussed it on RT France on June 9.

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